“A good finale for a festival with just a single mission: to make the crowd go nuts!” With that approach in mind, general Lodovik, had to set up a Balkan band, because there aren’t many of them in the Netherlands. The 8-piece “Ooostblok” consists of sturdy men who have a few things in common: they’re all friends or related to each other, they’re all from vibrant Hengelo (Twente) and they all have a great passion for music. When the band members think about Balkan music, they think about party, party, party! Via the harmony orchestra they all played in, the gentlemen found out about Balkan music. The effectiveness of this genre really got them! When they heard songs of well-known Balkan artists, there was an instant good vibe among them. When music has that kind of impact on such a diverse group of people, you know you have something special!

This is still a thing that “Ooostblok” sees at all their live gigs: you simply cannot watch “Ooostblok” perform without dancing! All said and done, the gentlemen got it going: at first they started to cover not well-known songs from this not very popular music genre in the Netherlands. Eventually Tavarish Vrach Rolandska, Komrad Bramski and Stanislav Frikadelka decided to pick up the so called “musical pen” and they started writing their own repertoire! The results: a mix of Eastern-European dance music with a focus on the horns and a wicked beat! Already intrigued about our music? Come and see a show or watch our video(clip)s!

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